Dialysis treatment clinics have long been plagued by the accumulation of organic material in drains and floor sinks. This organic material is unsightly, emits strong and unpleasant odors, and denotes "unsanitary conditions." Dialysis clinics have historically poured bleach and hot water down their drains to remove organic material-- neither works.

DrainGel™ is a professional-strength bacterial treatment that will safely and quickly biodegrade organic material. Its powerful formula will also eliminate drain odors. Application is quick and easy. DrainGel can be poured down the sink and floor drains or applied using a pressure applicator-sprayer.

We are so confident that DrainGel™ will help solve your drain problems that we are willing to send you a quart sample free. To qualify for this free sample you must be a dialysis or kidney center that is listed in the "National Listing of Medicare Providers Furnishing Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Services." Order your free sample of DrainGel today.

Your patient's comfort and trust is critical. DrainGel™ will help keep your treatment center sanitary and odor-free. Try DrainGel™ today.



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